Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sleeping Cutie-SOLD-

Dari kulit belakang:-

Society babe Isobel seems to lead a charmed life , with her gorgeous fiance Dominic, and hyperactive Gold card. She's even got the dream job , as editor of primadona-for girls who love to be spoilt.

But when she interviews celebrity guru Tempest St John, the fairytale fast becomes a nightmare. Enraged by the feature , Tempest declares Isobel's impending marriage jinxed.

Suddenly Isobel's handsome co-editor wont support her , her fiance kisses her best friend and her commitment-phobic ex is back and flirting with a vengeance. Isobel is so stressed she could sleep for a hundred years. And when she falls and hit her head it looks like she just might....

Who can wake up Sleeping Cutie and will the result spell chaos?


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